Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Everyone who knows me personally is fully aware how I am about my "child". 
Ziggy is treated like a human.
 And humans do not eat rib bones. 

Well, Ziggy found tons of them in our yard yesterday.

I kept taking them away from her as I saw her come up with a new one.
I went on a crazy lady hunt for rib bones thrown all through the woods around our house in fear of Ziggy's life last night. She is sick this morning just as I was scared of. Mama told me one of her friends had a dog die not long ago from swallowing a bone.

Where is Ziggy's vet that I trust so much?
He's on a mission trip helping dogs in Honduras.
So I am in panic mode.

Please say a prayer that Ziggy will feel better asap and the bone/bones will not make her more than sick and take her away from me because she is my heart. She brings a smile to my face every single day and knowing that she was not herself this morning was a terrible feeling.


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