Monday, July 26, 2010

Wilkerson Wedding.

I was a bridesmaid Saturday. 
Mary Beth changed her last name. What??
And Jeff now has a wife. What, what?
It was purdy.
Very hot, but not a sole passed out.
There was lots of crazy fun that took place.
Unfortunately I couldn't talk the newlyweds into taking me along on the honeymoon to supervise relax in the sun.


Where the wedding took place.

The bride and myself.

The Handsome date of mine.

Bridesmaid and Flower Girl.

The "i am burning up" look.

I can strip down for two reasons picture.
1) my undies are monogrammed.
2) it is 101 degrees out here.


This is me with the wonderful woman who gave birth to me twenty four years ago.


Mary Beth
I love you both.

thanks for letting me share such a special day with you two.


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