Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hey Tator Tots!
I hope you all had a spectacular weekend. Mine was filled with laughs shared with six fun girls. 
Well..... seven ladies including Ziggy! I enjoy time with others who appreciate the life they are given and take full advantage of being happy. Last night I helped celebrate a "girls night" before my friend, Mary Beth, gets married in two weeks. Changing your name is a big deal, ya know?! 

Today was a lazy Sunday for me. I will admit I was in recovery mode majority of the day. That is okay every blue moon, right? My Peter Pan and I watched Jimmy Buffett  (on CMT) live from Gulf Shores, Alabama. David's sweet Daddy was there and I was hoping to see him on t.v. but no luck with that. We did at least get thought about somewhere in between the parrot heads having fun because we got a picture text. Instead of getting all bummed out about not being there for all the action we just turned our volume up as loud as it would go (seriously) and enjoyed it together. Just the three of us. David cooked  pot roast, potatoes and carrots and mmmm hmmmm just as you would guess, it was lip licking good. I filled my belly to the max. Now I am getting ready to say my prayers and close my green eyes. Why so early after such a lazy day beats me. I have got a lot of "to-do's" on my list tomorrow. Good things are in store. I have built up excitement about one particular thing inside my brain.
I will be sure to   
blab all about it when the time is right! 
Until then make as many assumptions as you wish. 


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