Sunday, July 11, 2010

last week i was in a funk. 
i let some things really hurt my heart and feelings. 
looking back on the week as we approach a brand new one i have decided on several ways to tackle the upcoming days in a totally different way. 
life is too short to let things that are not in your control hurt you so that it adjusts your mood to sadness all the time.
i am going to find a release
one of those releases being working out. (hard core)
i'm ready to sweat. (its not hard here in ala-bam thats for sure)

i'm going to keep doing what i normally do. because that is only fair.
i was not put on this planet to change anyone nor was i made with love to let someone change me. so sorry if you find that alarming in a disturbing way. i'm still going to wear impractical accessories and clothes if i want to. i'm not going to run from the things that ordinarily make me happy because someone else might send guilt assumptions (that are usually wrong) my way.

more. sleep. 
i. need. it. d
it's easy for me to stay up way past late when my mind is saturated with less than happy thoughts. i'm shooting for an earlier "bedtime" this week. (starting tomorrow)

one step at a time i am going to pull myself to the top of the mountain and out of this funk! besides, the view up there is breathtaking. why would i stay deep down in this hole, are you kidding. silly me!! i think i need to cut the over analyzing in half, if not more than half. choose two trustworthy people to vent to, but only to a certain point. and keep calm and carry on. 

because my life is good. 
very good. 
i am blessed. 
very blessed.




  1. "When we choose unforgiveness, we put ourselves in bondage to those very people whom we believe wronged us. They consume our thoughts and feelings and even affect how we treat others. Ask Christ to heal your wounded heart and give you a forgiving heart. Choose Christlikeness--forgiveness. Be in bondage to His peace that is greater than any human understanding. Free those whom you believe have wronged you. Forgive, even if you don't feel like it. The feelings are blessings will follow!"
    Interesting that I read this in my Woman of Faith Devotional Bible this morning. I love that bible that MeMo gave us...don't you?

  2. And I love you and Memo. You are both wonderful women!