Thursday, July 22, 2010

"come pick me up, take me out."

Yesterday afternoon I was getting the boyfriend deo for his b.o. running errands and as I was crossing the street in the parking lot a car motioned me on across in front of her and two seconds later jumped out of the drivers seat only to screech "Malllllll" and we swapped hugs, just like that. Oh the joy of a reunion. 
BRITTNEY BELL - a beautiful girl, inside and out.
She has never fell short of bringing a big smile to my face. 

Brittney later picked David and I up at the hotel and out and about we went for a bite to eat and our very own version of "happy hours". The hours spent were indeed full of happiness. 
Today brings us bellies screaming "chinaman food, chinaman food" and I feel there is no better way to dine for lunch other than Chinaman, buffet please. Luckily the boyfriend totally agrees and oddly enough, he is already starving like marvin Mallory before eleven o'clock even approaches. SCORE! I think it would be a double wammy if when we return from stuffing face at a chinese buffet an ice-cream man would sound off in the hotel parking lot and have two flinstones push-ups with our names on it. Okay, maybe personalized push-ups are asking a little much..... But man, if that happened (hey, there is nothing wrong with dreaming) I would seriously look around to see if I was being punked. 


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