Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I rode over to Troy this morning with the boyfriend. I am at my parents house for the day and have the itch to clean like a mad woman. My parents left this morning to go to the mountains. So that means it's just me and the dogs. I am about to crank up the ipod, open all the blinds and make something happen. I am pretty sure  this cleaning mood has lots to do with our house needing a lot of attention. So instead of stressing about that while I'm not even in Gantt to show it some love (i was way to tired to deal with it all when we got back into town yesterday afternoon) I'm going to find something that will help my parents out here for when they return home. It's always a great feeling coming home to a clean house. The problem - their house already appears to be clean.  So I want to search for a way to make it sparkle and look more than just regular old "clean". I want it to smell fresh and look like a pair of sparkling blue eyes that make you melt. That kind of clean. My parents deserve a trip to the  mountains and even more they deserve a "sparkle" when they return. My mad woman cleaning sprees happen pretty often unless we are talking about my car, Reba. But today might be a different story. I might even make a sweet car like her sparkle, for I think she is deserving and way past due. We shall see how the first mission goes. Anything could happen. Blow some pretty bubbles in my direction. And lets hope the fumes from lemon scented lysol and icky clorox don't take me to another level.


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