Friday, July 30, 2010

ziggy had spend the night company. 
don't judge - it was a boy.
ziggy is not even two years old.
i guess you can consider her a bad girl now.

but guys, they had SO much fun. 
ziggy and coby didn't sleep in the same room, no worries.
it was all supervised by the wonderful mom's - me and marley.

ziggy and i both are sad because they just left.
so i think we will have to schedule a HAPPY DANCE this afternoon to shake away the sadness....

it IS friday, you know!??!
oh and another good reason for a happy dance - ummm the sister and I pigged out at tabby d's so it wouldn't hurt to dance your ass off burn some calories doing a HAPPY DANCE! 

yay for friday! but i'm going to reverse to yesterday for a quick second....

me and the sister were laying out on the pier yesterday and had the treat of fabulous company. mama and the grandparents joined us for some fun sun! spending time with them is always wonderful. always. promise to share pictures from the afternoon soon.

cheers to a weekend full of smiles!

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