Friday, July 16, 2010

oh what a night.

If you are interested in hearing about (bits and pieces) of my Thursday then continue reading. If not, I suppose you shall continue on about your way and come back to visit another day.

The jump start yesterday morning was all about me and the pooch. We drove the paved roads, windows down, music loud and ended up in Troy. It was a success. Ziggy got sucked into a window to window chat with a random. (here's a mini visual-she was toothless) My sweet pooch smiled with her crooked teeth and said "damn it feels good to be a gangsta have crooked teeth rather than no teeth at all. 
We then whirled into the parentals house and Mama rode with me to Montgomery. I had a second fitting for a bridesmaid dress. My lovely friend Amy captured me from there and off we went to surprise Whitney (another good friend of mine) I got to meet Avery Grace. She is beautiful. Tiny. And so very sweet. Whitney is going to be a fabulous-hott Mama. It is so touching to see the glowing love in a new mothers eyes. After that visit I was then dropped back of with the cutie mama of mine and we finished the afternoon with some retail therapy. Ahhhhh, it does a body good. Always. AND THEN.... I bee-bopped back to Gantt where I was scooped up on the boat for a late afternoon ride which was very, very pleasant. I was just in time for a pretty sunset. I'm not done. The boyfriend and I then rode to Andalusia where we finished the night off with a few mingle drinks with fabulous friends and good morning America- Friday was welcomed with a headache! Now that the morning has said it's good-bye it's time to do a happy dance, shake away any troubles (if needed) and Cheers to this FRIDAY!


p.s. do something crazy tonight at ten after midnight.

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