Friday, July 2, 2010

There is no reason I need to beg anyone to do a happy dance on this Friday. It's time to celebrate this weekend. David and I are leaving today after lunch to head south. Destin is where we will stop our travels. And you better believe that Trina (David's vehicle... i named her, no worries) will stay parked until we head back home.... no exceptions. I came to the home town this morning (early riser today might I add) in hopes to find an outfit for the reception we are attending Saturday night. Wish me luck as I rarely shop in Troy and today being pushed for time I'm stuck with the choices here. Although, there is a new boutique that I'm excited to check out. If you party people haven't already started celebrating this holiday weekend I hope the clock you are staring at is quick to tick! HAPPY FRIDAY! And go ahead, shake a little something! You know you are excited about some kind of festivities going on this weekend, right?!

If not.... buy yourself (and a friend) some sparklers! That should make a soul smile!


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