Saturday, December 24, 2011

ohhhhh, hi!
i hope everyone has a merry little (big) christmas.

i still have some presents to buy make. and wrap.
no worries, i work extremely well under pressure.
there is a funfetti cake to be made (of course, in the shape of a christmas tree) and decorated in all the fancy sparkly toppings to basically just look pretty. i originally wanted to make a gingerbread house mansion but wiggled my idea on over to making a funfetti christmas tree cake and and then obviously, ohh and ahh over it. and i may or may not be solely doing this for looks.

YOU GUYS! santa is coming!

i believe in santa. one hundred and ten percent.
in fact, i am sitting right next to santa now. as he flips conversation back and forth from football to music.... he somehow makes the entire room light up with a glow of all things christmas.
and mrs. clause.... shes up to something. perhaps shes still wrapping up a few more gifts? whatever it is she has not sat down since she walked in the door.
are you able to hang out with santa tonight? or mrs. clause?
regardless of what you are doing and who you are hanging out with i hope it is BRIGHT. and jolly. MERRY. and warm with the ones you love.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

tomorrow is my daddy's birthday. 
and i could talk about him for.days.and.days.
instead i will keep it simple and share a few pictures. 

daddy, i hope you have a special birthday.
because you are sure special to me.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


november 17th  is national "no frown get down" day.

job well done just for waking up and making it out into the world.

free smiles and thumbs-up for everyone.

this was declared last night by tiffany and mallory. via text.
so here i am to make it official.
hello, world. celebrate this new holiday why dontcha?

m + tq
file under notes to self:

1.there will never be enough hours in the day to complete all that you wish to.  and that is okay. because making a [long] daily to-do list is therapeutic. check marks or not. so breathe. (and repeat)

2.paint your nails more often. it only makes you feel a million times better. somehow. know all those coke products you drink? well how about entering your mycokerewards and ordering some new magazines. because almost all of your mags you get now are coming to an end.

4.never say never when referring to your long drawn out search for the perfect pair of vintage red cowgirl boots.  your day is coming, girl. just hang in there.

5.organizing your brain [while in the shower] with some decor thoughts for the holidays always seems more legit.

6.write another song.

7.refurnish a piece of furniture that you love and actually keep it for yourself.

8.exercise and h2o. push yourself.

9.pray. always.

10.snap snap on starting your new years resolution list. make the length long and the statements loud.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

tell the truth tuesday.

how in the world do i have five vacuum cleaners in my possession at the moment?

holy moly.
i seriously....
just realized....
that i am the owner....
of five vacuum cleaners.

i'm not going to lie.
i am extremely disturbed about this whole situation.

lets see....

vacuum number one- short fat little nugget thingy that stayed in the storage too long and rode equipped with a dead grandaddy long leg. (hello, no thanks. i will forever pass on using you again)

vacuum number two- i just have one question for you.... what ever made you smoke more than my homecoming pep-rally bonfire when all i asked of you was to gently suck up the junk hanging around mine and ziggy's feet?

vacuum number three- i have never in my life been around something as smelly as you when you run. umm, yeah.

vacuum number four- your vintage look keeps you around. and the thought of your belly popping out all full when i turn you on.... ahh! not to mention the groovy flowers that cover your bag.
vacuum number five- red. hot. mama. you sassy thing you, suck! in such a bad arse way. keep it up.

quick, i need a ninja!

here lately...
i have been [practically] begging my body to be responsible.

my ddp's have been the killer of it all.
what can i say.... i drink like a fish.

okay, fine.
i should be honest.
and not leave it with all the blame on solely diet dr peppers.

if there are any "bad guys" in my area that would like a mission....
i will gladly give them one.

destroy that damn chinaman food drive-thru that just so happens to be semi decent, yet very scary but so flippin' convenient....

some days i can't get those terrible calories out of my stomach thoughts out of my brain.

now. snap! snap!


today i am: a professional to-do list maker.

last week a lady asked the sister and i to make more of our frames with the pictures of vintage campers in them because she and a group of her camping friends would definitely buy them for their campers. 

i say..... instead....
marley and i work out a deal for them to just take us camping with them.... 
for the rest of the month. 

i highly doubt a hippie like vacation in the woods would treat us unkindly. 


tuesday night tacos.... will you please make your appearance already? 
no..... not because i am hungry.
in fact, i have zero appetite.
but because i am more than ready to shower all of  these germs off of me.

note to parents:

take care of your own sick kid or take them to the DOCTOR!

please and thank you.

we prefer sharing toys and books.
not snot and slobber.



Monday, November 14, 2011

  scenes from a  

{rather gorgeous} 


congrats morgan and rob. 
everything was just beautiful.

this weekend troy university celebrated their homecoming.
i met a group of old girlfriends friday at the half shell for lunch. 

several with kids.
one with a little nugget in her tummy.
most married.
all still pretty people.

but something tells me {deep down inside} that we still all have the same sassy attitude we had years ago.

saturday night, the sister and i ruled out the importance of behaving and found ourselves front row 
swaying the night away with the park band. 

to say the least....sunday was not the normal funday. 
it was less productive and more along the lines of torture. 
with a morning like yesterday it is safe for me to say that i felt my age. 
it may be next year before i even consider another adult beverage.

how was your weekend?
i hope it was all that you wished for.
and more.


p.s. - an alpha gam got homecoming queen. yay and congrats! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

happy. friday. nuggets.

(and happy veterans day, too)

dress bold.
celebrate hard.
drink with class.
dance with freedom.
and walk like a bad ass.

because.... its the freakin' weekend!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

guess who??
umm. duh.
it's me..

just thought i would say hello since my mommy actually sat still to glance at the computer. 
however...when she went to tinkle i snatched the computer for a quick little blog post of my very own. 
so, here ya have it.

i sure hope everyone is having a wonderful thursday.
and remember....

the sun never sets on a bad ass.


toys R fuss.

 so i took it upon myself to save the horrific sad little life of an innocent child and the appearance of their toy chest. [for where one stores their toys is a big deal, you know]

  i refused to take  a before picture. i just couldn't bring myself to snap. 
[think primary colored butterfly's and flowers on a poo-poo pink and puke purple chest.] 

i'm not hating on this chest.... it just doesn't make me blush. 
okay, i lied. i am hating. 

it was terrible. awful. it made me cringe for the child who once had to hide their toys, the things they love, behind the walls of that thing. i pushed it in front of all the other projects on my to-do list and sprinkled it with a touch of sunshine.
sorry for all the shadows. 
it just comes natural with the ole' crackberry camera.


 well, hello!

this blogger has been busy.... just not with blogging. 
unfortunately i don't know where to begin to play catch up.
so instead.... i chose to randomly throw in stories and pictures from the past several months (give or take)...

{just know,and accept,that the order is all wacked up.}

but for now- here is a picture showing via facial expressions how i feel about:

the time change.

the (extremely) pale skin i am wearing. 

the freezing cold nights before the fire gets right where it needs to be. 

having to get up and out of my warm bed so early in the mornings.

 tomorrow is friday. 
enough said.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You know.... I decided that tonight was just as good as any other night this week to listen to the disco biscuits playlist on my iPod and clean my room. And possibly take a break or two for some snuggle love from my ziggy. how about them apples? Are they the ones worth bobbing for? lovem

"Sunday funday"

"slow down dear love we're moving fast, at the pace of a broken hourglass.... My love this day..grew strong and quick. Like the last one and the one before, oh Monday....slipped up and washed away our Sunday" (just a small piece from a song I recently wrote.) lovem

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

chances are....
i am going to judge you by your ringtone.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Whew! five sleeping nuggets, finally! Even though I am almost certain one will be sure to rise and whine very soon...I will still attempt to organize my life via to-do list in cursive.  i love the air I breathe when 3:20 comes, its refreshing. I love the welcome home scratches my four-legged child gives me each day, and I love the way things have really moved in my life lately. I would be lying if I said I wasn't pretty much floating through my days. And to be completely honest, I do this kind of happy damn good! I hope you have a week worth writing about!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

ten years ago today so many lives were not given a chance at tomorrow. 
many different people sharing one common ending.

hug harder. 
say "i love you" every single chance you are given. 
stay in touch with your friends.
kiss your soulmate. all.the.time. 
cuddle with your kids.
throw confetti for the heck of it.
and appreciate all the little things.

it's been a hot minute.

oh, hey!

between the sister and myself we built our very own fire pit tonight....

AND tested it out.

(and) watched a good amount of  "stuff" set to flames.

and...... rescued a jar of pickles from the fire in fear of a few things.

AND.... we promise this is the first of many mini-bon's that will take place throughout the fall and winter for we have a mad love for fire.



Saturday, August 27, 2011

dear saturday,
This day was made for you and i.
So hold my hand and let's make some
Memories, shall we....
I know one thing for sure....
You are my favorite.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

the one rule to follow.

"Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, you’ve got about a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies — damn it, you’ve got to be kind."

-kurt vonnegut


Here's the Story of The Day:

connect the dots

resorting to connecting the dots this morning
because it was a long night 
& he needs to do something really simple 
to get started again.

i feel like i need to start most all of my mondays off with connect the dots.

hello there. its sunday funday.  i will be beaching it in destin florida this afternoon with wonderful friends from michigan who are spending some time down south.

and of course, i invited miss sunshine.

I hope you had a glorious weekend.
More on mine later....maybe.
but for now- I've got a farmers tan to fix from the storage units auction i attended yesterday morning.

Friday, August 12, 2011

a rap song revised.

"throw confetti through the phone"
(i hope you guys are rapping singing on beat with me)

so i have this friend.
and today is his day of birth.
so celebrate. celebrate hard core.

because everyone needs a good excuse....

to make a toast.
take a shot.
to talk about age and the importance of surviving another year....

 and more than anything....

to throw confetti through the phone!

You are one cool ninja.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

sticky icky. I'm not picky.

If I go MIA before the weekend please know that something is wrong....seriously turkeys! I plan on going to the lovely rosemary beach and would sure hate for the whole going mia thing to happen right before a beach weekend.

But just in case....
chances are I have glued myself to something and  can't get "unstuck" to call for help. I purchasd a small bottle of Elmers multi-purpose spray adhesive.

And let me just tell you....
that is some strong, tacky stuff! It is not playing around with me coming close to gluing my hand to a lampshade..or gluing my thumbs together....or somehow making a solo cup lay down a death grip on my thigh.

Nice work on making a bully, Elmer.
way to go. My thumbs officially feel like they would not even have a fingerprint if i had to get prints done.    

brown sugar cinnamon or else.

you know.... it's scary when the brain of mine starts thinking too hard early in the morning.

I woke up today
at a decent hour
on my day off
from the full timer wondering....

why are pop-tarts called pop-tarts when they don't exactly "pop"?

if you know the answer you will win a prize....perhaps a free palm reading given by none other than ZIGGY!
Because I am stumped.
Geez..some things just don't make sense. and the two words combined that we call those
little rectangle shaped tarts topped with frosting is not doing any popping like corn does when you microwave that bag....

Monday, August 8, 2011

lifesaver- and I don't mean the candy.

my lunch break saved my life (well.. sanity) today. This morning was nuts. So going home at lunch to love on my well behaved (four legged) child was excellent. And needed. And a huge breath of fresh air. and ten miles beyond glorious.

Now.... here's to a smoother afternoon.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday to my mal mag followers and everyone else reading this. If I had it my way this weekend would be a week long....

I hope you nuggets have a weekend full of fun..and an adult beverage or two. :) cheers!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

for the love of toms.

this is your (almost) daily daycare.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the story people

"Why is the world so confusing? he said & I said it's only confusing if 

you believe it has to make sense & he looked at me & shook his head
I can't believe they let just anyone have children, he said."
true this.
i cant believe they do either.... 
some people are just not fit to have a kiddo.

[the problem is with all these people having kids that are kids themselves]


Sunday, July 31, 2011



 isn't it gorgeous?
 i have no idea where this image is from, sadly.

 anyway, nuggets.... happy sunday.

 love, m


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

heY guys, it's ME.
....Ziggy, of course!

I am here to toot my very own horn.

I am, by far, the coolest and most pecious lap dog on the planet.


Monday, July 25, 2011

full load.

busy week.

furniture project to-do list is taller than me.

i wish had the motivation to rise and grind (cardio) every morning before clocking into the full timer at 6:30.

this weekend I took a trip to prattville pickers and came home with a truck load. awesome place to say the least. good weekend.

Welcome, week. I am ready for you.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

summer is delicious.

well, hello there mid-july! 
it's me..the young lady who wakes up with full intentions of cramming my days with counted blessings, sun-kissed skin, compliments, hand written letters, prayers, music that moves my soul, children laughing, wandering with no direction or time frame, flea markets, concerts, writing, counting kisses on the forehead, and dreams....

dreams bigger than the gulf of mexico.

There is nothing, other than myself, that can stop me from being, seeing and doing all of the above (and more). 
nothing, other than myself.

I want every day to be a pretty picture I painted. 
I want to challenge myself to new, challenge myself to extreme and challenge myself to staying forever young.

i may or may not withhold the profession of a daydreamer..
playing big and dreaming hard....
putting my heart out there in this big, big world.
skipping through life....
down the yellow brick road and going a pace slower than many just to assure i never speed past the opportunity to make a pit stop in breckenridge colorado to play a game (okay, several) 
of ms pacman..because donating quarter after quarter to "downstairs at erics" only seems fair since i'm not much of a pizza fan.

life is full of attempts, often trying to get serious on me....
but for whatever reason, i just keep refusing to let it.
i have met tough in a face to face battle on multiple occasions, but kept my dancing shoes on during it all. sure, we all know you cant win every battle. but requesting the perfect song and purchasing a box of  fun band-aids to cover the blister on your heel, meeting tough will be a delightful opportunity....echoing these words
"keep dancing, pretty lady..keep dancing through life"

as a young child i took ballet lessons. i was far from graceful when wearing those baby pink ballet slippers. and the itchy tutu was more than obvious a discomfort to me. needless to say, ballet was never something I found compassion in. So instead I chose to gracefully pass that beautiful art on to the others... you know, the ones blessed with poise.

And on to the next.... I continued the life of a carefree little who never missed a beat and changed costumes a countless number of times a day....
for my own style was rather hyper.
I recall spending an entire day of preparation with a childhood friend on a (pretend) "recital"... an entire day prep work people!! only to end in an argument over the spelling of ballet on the welcome sign. I have to say this, as the first grade spelling bee winner and a lover of glitter, rest assured that the spelling was correct and the sign sparkled jussssst right.
Oh, and of course the markers put to work were none the less than the scented markers with stamps on the ends.
my role in making the welcome sign got all the attention i had in me, because that was my kind of art. I dream of a "wow-worthy" picture when I am the artist. that goes with the picture i am painting of life..

I dream of beautiful..
I dream of big.
I dream of bold..
I dream of a happiness most overlook..

I dream of things that make no sense..
the spelling of ballet is confusing to one ballerina, and to another, a glorious sign is made welcoming a pretend audience to the "big show" and it is made without a single doubt or second thought on the spelling of ballet.

If you open your eyes, you will find that your number one fan is indeed somewhere in the crowd, cheering you every single production..

and chances are....

that number one fan is your mom.

So make her smile.
Always keep a good dose of "make-believe" to share.
remember that Peek-A-Boo is for all ages.
Daydream about magic.
Minding your manners will always be important.
Forever should your shoes and costumes change.
Take risky chances.
Kiss with passion.
Travel the "destination unknown" route.

Have pretend birthdays just for an excuse to throw confetti in the neat freaks home..
Because these things cause no harm, leave a beautiful mess, and paint a picture pretty enough to hang behind glass in any museum.

Life is fragile....
So if the wine glass breaks just know that wearing that red splashed stain hols a memory forever on your party dress, the gass can be swept under the rug and red lipstick to match makes all things fancy, so pucker up!

take in a good deep breath and before the doctor tells you to do so without going through the routine "deep breath for me sweetie" look him in the eyes and say.."I might not have your pretty paycheck but I do know this (with or without med school) heart is happy, beating at my own speed, and the deep breaths I take every day take in much more than air"

If something (anything) gives you a good feeling, hold it closer to your heart, pull that feeling in for warmth..and love like there is no tomorrow..just in case your dance is ready to graduate on to the red carpet in heaven.  

All the while there is still the echoing in your head..

"Keep dancing, pretty lady..keep dancing through life"



Monday, July 18, 2011

this is your (almost) daily daycare.

we make a mess better than anyone.
on a daily basis.

this is my happy sam.
with his adorable flowerpot he painted.


Monday, July 11, 2011

old memory monday

i was an extremely outdoorsy little girl...

so for me to have a childhood flashback over a
 "board game" or anything indoors says alot.

hungry hippos (oh, and candyland).... they must have been something special.

on an average day
in the life of  a young
mallory lynn 
you would find: 

a child of god who was made with long blonde curls
 that were never witnessed without a bow

 running carelessly through her youth with the toughest bare feet ever made because the need to wear shoes (anywhere) seemed so bizarre

a girl who dreamed big, 
 both during the day and  through every moment in the night..
always eager to tell an interested soul the details 
from her day dreams....
as well as her night moves.

a rather tough little rascal when it came to keeping up with the brothers crew playing all things rough
 and dirty yet a professional wimp when a bird was near or blood was in sight

not a bone in her body feared trying any kind of food put on her plate

split right down the middle of prissy and athletic

 a lover of dill pickles and asking a million questions. 
so much that somewhere in her brain she found a huge importance to ask her memo if the
 "flying pates" (the nicknamed neighbors) ate dill pickles
a gymnast with the form that only her sister could come close to matching 
when back tucks took place

a dare devil, yet terrified of the dark
a little one who loved a shopping trip at lowes more than hello kitty
and noticed a pretty front door way before spying the sight of a candy shop 
 familiar with (and loved) music 
that 98 percent of her age group had never heard of
one who kept a pretend name tucked up her sleeve for herself and her best friends, just in case they wanted to be incognito for awhile

a child who knew how to love animals the right way.


oh how some things never change.

and damn dang wouldn't it be nice to be a kid all over again.... 

"in my mind i was a child. and it felt good" wsp


scenes from my weekend.

seaside sunset.
so sexy.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

dear sunshine on 30-A,

thank-you dear, for shining on our happy faces today.

I am surrounded by beautiful art at the west indies market @ rosemary beach.... I almost forgot just how hot it is outside.  

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

my day was filled with furniture projects, a small
 amount of cleaning, a visit from the parents, and
 lengthy conversations held between ziggy and i
 about the importance of saying please and thank-
you, hand written letters and loving your neighbor.
 to no surprise, we were on the same page about it

dinner was enjoyed outdoors.. reba (thats my car people, get with the program) served a purpose as
 the kitchen table..and the menu consisted of a 
cucumber and cheeze-its.

 other than that, there was a whole bunch of "this
 and that" and in between the rest....i found a
 smile that is hard to resist. (thanks ziggy for supplying that little grin of yours on such a regular basis)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pity party.

i had blood work done this morning.
and I hate needles.

Do you see that awfuly sad bandage on my arm? 
well yea....
that is one of the two because of course, my left arm didn't want to cooperate so off to the right they had to go..neither arm really deserved treated them to an afternoon full of flea markets.

Now.... Alllllll better. :)