Monday, July 11, 2011

old memory monday

i was an extremely outdoorsy little girl...

so for me to have a childhood flashback over a
 "board game" or anything indoors says alot.

hungry hippos (oh, and candyland).... they must have been something special.

on an average day
in the life of  a young
mallory lynn 
you would find: 

a child of god who was made with long blonde curls
 that were never witnessed without a bow

 running carelessly through her youth with the toughest bare feet ever made because the need to wear shoes (anywhere) seemed so bizarre

a girl who dreamed big, 
 both during the day and  through every moment in the night..
always eager to tell an interested soul the details 
from her day dreams....
as well as her night moves.

a rather tough little rascal when it came to keeping up with the brothers crew playing all things rough
 and dirty yet a professional wimp when a bird was near or blood was in sight

not a bone in her body feared trying any kind of food put on her plate

split right down the middle of prissy and athletic

 a lover of dill pickles and asking a million questions. 
so much that somewhere in her brain she found a huge importance to ask her memo if the
 "flying pates" (the nicknamed neighbors) ate dill pickles
a gymnast with the form that only her sister could come close to matching 
when back tucks took place

a dare devil, yet terrified of the dark
a little one who loved a shopping trip at lowes more than hello kitty
and noticed a pretty front door way before spying the sight of a candy shop 
 familiar with (and loved) music 
that 98 percent of her age group had never heard of
one who kept a pretend name tucked up her sleeve for herself and her best friends, just in case they wanted to be incognito for awhile

a child who knew how to love animals the right way.


oh how some things never change.

and damn dang wouldn't it be nice to be a kid all over again.... 

"in my mind i was a child. and it felt good" wsp


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