Saturday, December 24, 2011

ohhhhh, hi!
i hope everyone has a merry little (big) christmas.

i still have some presents to buy make. and wrap.
no worries, i work extremely well under pressure.
there is a funfetti cake to be made (of course, in the shape of a christmas tree) and decorated in all the fancy sparkly toppings to basically just look pretty. i originally wanted to make a gingerbread house mansion but wiggled my idea on over to making a funfetti christmas tree cake and and then obviously, ohh and ahh over it. and i may or may not be solely doing this for looks.

YOU GUYS! santa is coming!

i believe in santa. one hundred and ten percent.
in fact, i am sitting right next to santa now. as he flips conversation back and forth from football to music.... he somehow makes the entire room light up with a glow of all things christmas.
and mrs. clause.... shes up to something. perhaps shes still wrapping up a few more gifts? whatever it is she has not sat down since she walked in the door.
are you able to hang out with santa tonight? or mrs. clause?
regardless of what you are doing and who you are hanging out with i hope it is BRIGHT. and jolly. MERRY. and warm with the ones you love.


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