Thursday, August 11, 2011

sticky icky. I'm not picky.

If I go MIA before the weekend please know that something is wrong....seriously turkeys! I plan on going to the lovely rosemary beach and would sure hate for the whole going mia thing to happen right before a beach weekend.

But just in case....
chances are I have glued myself to something and  can't get "unstuck" to call for help. I purchasd a small bottle of Elmers multi-purpose spray adhesive.

And let me just tell you....
that is some strong, tacky stuff! It is not playing around with me coming close to gluing my hand to a lampshade..or gluing my thumbs together....or somehow making a solo cup lay down a death grip on my thigh.

Nice work on making a bully, Elmer.
way to go. My thumbs officially feel like they would not even have a fingerprint if i had to get prints done.    

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