Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day One of CTB 365

i spent my morning looking at beautiful things.
i was in vicki popwell's beautiful portrait studio. with a beautiful little baby boy having his two week portraits made. witnessing the joy of a beautiful new mother as she watched in awe as the camera snapped pictures of her beautiful blessing. as his beautiful little butt (yes, i just said jacks bare little booty is beautiful. judge me) was placed on a beautiful bench used as the prop i was reminded just how beautiful photography is. it is a beautiful art that i love. i had full intentions of starting a little project on the first day of two thousand and eleven. well, my life is a beautiful mess and here we are... welcoming this project on march the first rather than january the first. (if you like my style of starting things a few months late feel free to join me in this journey..chelsea is along for the ride also) 

i am calling this journey 
capturing the beautiful 365.
{ ctb 365 } 

each day i plan to take the time to find something beautiful to capture through the lens (or sometimes with my crackberry cam, apology in advance for the lack of quality) i feel that it is like a breath of fresh breckenridge mountain air to stop and take notice of a beautiful moment. 

so here goes....
a snapshot+deep breath+and 365 days later i hope (and pray) to have a breathtakingly beautiful year to look back on. 

and if God blesses me with those 365 days i will then get it printed from blog to book. and i feel certain it will serve as the best "yearbook" i have ever received.

day one:

 [ because this baby boy is beautiful in so many ways ]                                                                       

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