Thursday, May 27, 2010

a feeling that's right

I moved away from the consistency of meeting all the latest trends...
stepped out into the world and found myself the better friend.

searching for that feeling that's right.
gotta have a feeling that's right.

the pushers will push until they make up your mind
but with someone other than yourself being the boss the happiness lies behind....

take time to realize and do things you love
take time to realize the one who counts is above.

standing strong like a goddess when others step in
backing down from them this time is not gonna' win..

take the advice and run.. like a pale, streaking fool
 unless you get a feeling that's right.. 
oh, you get a feeling that's right.

hang around for the stories that need to be told just remember
the sunset speaks quietly if you are welcoming others your soul

does your life make you wanna' dance all night?
if only people pleasers would do themselves some good..
make a toast for a change and get a feeling that's right...
oh, you gotta' get that feeling that's right.
and baby make it last all your life.

(i had a surprise visitor grace me with her presence late last night and we started our morning off with some quiet time to each write a song. this is what my brain came up with.... now where is our little guitar player to put it to music? we will be awaiting your arrival in the hammock... and just in case i have my harmonica....i hope you enjoy)


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