Monday, May 31, 2010

Rain or Shine Event.

David started the morning off  showing the pine straw covered roof a little TLC.

While Ziggy watched .... and begged to jump out the window and onto the roof to join him.

All of this was done only to welcome  a storm that brought a lot more limbs, pine straw ect....
and ...
we found ourselves without power.

(it was my sisters first visit to Gantt so her tour of the house was in the dark)
....but she didn't mind. It stopped us from nothing other than listening to music while we got ready. We waited out the rain like champs and as soon as it slacked up the boyfriend, the sister and myself were full force out on the lake! We put-putted across the water to visit some friends and celebrate the day. (and to celebrate our power being back on because it started to get a little too stuffy for me in our house)

Please know that this is after the band party and on the boat ride home.
YIKES, we had fun if you can't tell!

Of course I was prepared for the weekend....
Plenty of Party Poppers were put to use on the boat ride home!
And many of "hoody-Hoo's" and "Willy Wonkas" were shouted out loud for all to hear!

Just a few of the girls....

I even saved a party popper for the Ziggy!

She then went mia for a few minutes..
and returned in a mini skirt in hopes that she would be allowed to attend the band party.

Very, very glad the sister finally made her way to the little lake in which I reside on.
Marley and I, of course, had more than a blast together....
laughed uncontrollably when the time wasn't (even close to) appropriate....
had a dress swap (see picture above)
Had an after-party pig out! (hate it when that happens)

I hope everyone else had some sort of fun this weekend.
Because my crew sure could have shared some with you if not.



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