Friday, May 7, 2010

"Dang it Dang it Molly had to Hang it!"

Oh how I love a SURPRISE!!!!
Walking in our house yesterday after getting home from Birmingham was like the excitement I get when confetti is thrown in my face. Why? Because Mrs. Molly surprised me with my curtains all finished and hung and a tidy-up was even done around the house. I squealed like a little oink oink when I first walked inside! My mother and David knew about this little surprise treat the whole time! Mrs. Molly was so thoughtful to do this. She knows I have had a hard past week and been on the go non-stop.

I'm a little embarrassed that Mrs. Molly saw the mess we left the house in.


I did notice a few things I bet she didn't think I would....
such as -

laundry left in dryer...she folds towels just like I do! =)

our utensil divider thingy was washed. Wasn't it? Had to be. It looked way clean somehow. Yes, I'm observant with random things.

The outside rug got a much needed face lift. So glad she turned it over now because it added the wa-bam that was needed! Much brighter is better! Why? Because it's SUMMER time!

She swept (a pile of Ziggy hair perhaps) downstairs!

And there is no telling what else was done that I haven't noticed just yet.... but for ALL that was done....
I can't wait to show off the new curtains. I'll put my camera to work this afternoon and post some pictures, no worries! 

That stunt called for a HAPPY DANCE a day earlier than the usual Friday one. Oh I guess I will do one again today anyway....

For my new curtains AND.....


 I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. I might just sneak off to Orange Beach to jam with the great Widespread Panic tonight....why not??!!


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  1. Mom it does look great...thank you so much for all you hard work. Glad you didn't hurt yourself around those stairs.

    Now Mal, these are your own words....I might just sneak off to Orange Beach to jam with the great Widespread Panic tonight....why not??!!

    That's what I wanna know.......why not???? haha