Monday, May 31, 2010

intense bowling

Friday Fun-
David's Papa came in town for the weekend and Jimmy grilled kabobs at their house which we followed up with a trip to Boland Bowling....  (and a taxi ride home from Chris and Celeste's house after was our first Andalusia taxi ride because it's a new addition to the "city" and interesting it was but appreciated we were)

I wouldn't be surprised if Elizabeth is on Ebay searching away for her own pair of bowling shoes to purchase and  pimp on a daily basis.... she has a secret obsession. Look at the way she is standing.
(still modeling)

David and his Papa enjoy the time they get to spend together.

Blonde Bowlers....

Oh send some improvement my way, please.

It must have been a shot worth cheering for!
Yay,  Molly!


Fun night.
We won a few free games.... including myself! So I get brownie points....even if it was only because a nice guy bowling next to me felt generous and gave me his token.
All in all I'd say...
It was a happy dance worthy Friday!


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