Tuesday, June 15, 2010

guess what? i borrowed another computer! (thanks, mrs. molly)

in random order:

the boyfriend and i are going over to grill out at molly and jimmy's tonight.

and while we are there ziggy will keep the house under control.

im going to troy possibly tomorrow to paint my bedroom. goodbye whataburger orange, hello some kind of neutral.

this past sunday night david and i went over to memo and grandad's and ate dinner with them....which is always wonderful. (the food and time spent)

ziggy got $2 cash flow in the mail yesterday for treats. she was extremely excited!

we are getting closer each day to having a pier.... the walkway is done and the gazebo lacks very little.

i started a mini arm workout session last week and have stuck with it....minus the weekend.

i deserve a "prize" because i cleaned (finally) my messy car out yesterday. for real. quit laughing. i did. well, minus the vacuum part but that is next.

i am going to get ready for tonight now because i am looking similar to a train wreck. if my timing is good..... i'll deserve a pat on the back. (i can do it myself, no worries) and then maybe sit still for more than 5 minutes and share something a little more organized and in order. (ha. you do know that's almost always my style....right? ha.)


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