Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I had a huge chunk of a southern slice of apple pie today.
Not literally. 
 I just felt the sweet little charm that makes the south something worth appreciating.
I walked in our tiny (rollie-poly size tiny) post office today and it was filled with two gentlemen. Yes, it was seriously a full house with all three of us inside.
They both shared smiles, hello's, how are you's, and have a great rest of the day within the seconds it took me to unlock my box and head out the door. This was all done in such a genuine way.
I left with a smile.
It was a much needed reminder that I do love living in the south.
There is plenty that I miss about Colorado but there is nothing quite like Alabama and the southerners that come along with living here.
The simplicity is something I have learned to love is such a chaotic way.


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