Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Morning People!
I need to be walking out the door and heading to class. Ooohhhh don't worry.... I'm going I just haven't made it to the part where I make my feet head in the direction of my car, Reba, who I then make head in the direction of the city of Opportunity. (happy happy joy joy) Daddy told me there was a bad virus going around that city and they just had the Rattlesnake Rodeo. I'm afraid some of those "country bumpkins" might have let their snakes go if they didn't win a prize because they were mad!! Is that how it works? I'm not so sure but it sounds like something that would happen in Opp. Just saying...... sounds like a good excuse to take another week, following  Spring Break, and play all day! I guess my dream last night wasn't good enough because I'm already replacing it with that thought this morning. Off to make the creepy heads full of hair (well, not full....) feel beautiful. Ha. Jokes this Tuesday morning. Have a great day. I plan on blogging this afternoon again. So, if I don't return to entertain you with something extremely random and maybe even share some pictures then be afraid. Be very afraid. I'm in Opp with a rattlesnake wrapped around my body. Hint- calling all friends- check on me.


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