Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funday Sunday was one of those days. With much anticipation on being productive outside and enjoying the wonderful-makes-you-wanna-scream-for-summer weather..... things got a little flip-floppy. I started my morning with reading some of the book "Same Kind Of Different As Me" out in the sun. Staring at my car, I couldn't put off cleaning out Reba any longer. I was hoping to find my parents cordless phone. Yes, the one I tried using as a cell phone a couple months ago by driving until the connection, of course, would no longer reach. Hey, you never know until you try it. With a dead cell and a cutie to talk to why not give it a shot! No luck on finding it. I have NO idea where that crazy "house" turned to car phone could have vanished off to. Nutso. Anyway, back to our Sunday..... David washed his truck while I am finding things I forgot I ever even owned in the back of my car. Talk about an inexpensive shopping spree? Well, Ziggy is obsessed with her mother (sure don't blame her there) and she is afraid of getting left so she sits in my car patiently waiting to ride.... point being my doors are all open for a good two hours with lights on (didn't realize this at the time) ... David gets stuck thanks to the leaves that caused no traction and the water from the car wash! Cool, we thought that was all okay. That is, until we loaded up in Reba thinking we were going into town for several different things. NOT. My battery is dead and David's "stuck truck" sure was no help in jumping it off. Thank goodness for friends, we survived and were not stranded forever. Poor Ziggy though, she waited for a ride until after dark. Better luck next time on the mile long shopping list we made....

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