Tuesday, March 23, 2010

 And Again.... more on the cuz'
(gah, he's getting quite the attention on here) =-}

I actually got to talk to Andrew last night and hear about the good, the bad and the ugly! There was mostly good though, no worries. He was using the great sense of humor that he has to joke on himself about his "old school" gear. He said people are probably thinking, "Gah, is that your Grandad's stuff?" Andrew met a man that has done the trail 9 times and got some pretty helpful advice about things from him.(I want to say his nickname was Shrek of the mountain... that's what I'm going to call him. Even though I have a feeling I'm not quite right, oh well you will know him by that from me!) Anyway, "Shrek" is carrying an extra 20lbs compared to "old school" Andrew carrying an extra 50lbs. WHAT??!! And you wonder why Andrew has already lost 20 something lbs?! Seriously, that's intense. The whole experience is intense. I think it is such an awesome intense. I asked him if  his girlfriend, Elizabeth,  was nervous hearing all the details and Andrew said she has been wonderful and has been his rock through it all. Props to Elizabeth! If I was in her shoes I would have to pray for some serious removal of my worry wort side! Another one of my 200 questions was about the gps monitor. I wasn't sure if it was required for everyone doing the trial. Andrew said "Nope, not required. I'm just special. It was a must from the Mama!" haha! Good thinking Aunt Billie.
Andrew planned on getting his morning started back at it around 9:00. Again, much luck to him and Zellie. I hope to hear more updates from him or some of the crew cheering him on with the remainder of the journey!


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