Sunday, March 14, 2010

sago palm, dude!

Ziggy has the tendacy to get into things. I still find her as the biggest angel ever, though. Well my parents brought ten or more sago palms over to Gantt. I had them all out in the yard all day yesterday and most of the day today. Not coolio at all that I was google-ing info on them today only to find out that they will kill a dog if they eat them! FREAK OUT? That's pretty much the layout of what went down.... Ziggy is acting fine though. Thank GOODNESS!

Yes, that is Curious George Ziggers right up in the Sago Palm festivities. I'm over the idea of those things I feel! Between the poison scare and my thumb hurting like omg-ness I think I will retire that idea. I hope that doesn't mean I'm too big of a drama queen baby pants.

....and since I am over it, you can buy one (or two, three, four) from me for a whoppin $14.00! No seriously, I think they need another home. =)


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