Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Today was, by far, the prettiest day all year. David, Ziggy and I were outside the entire day. In fact, we still are! The grill is going. The music is playing. There was some progress made on clearing the lot. (Thanks to the boyfriend. I don't guess I will lie and tell you I deserve credit for that particular project) I did get some things done outside around the house. I gave all of the newly planted flowers some medicine. Mrs. Molly and Mrs. JoAnn brought us some plants to fill in a couple pots and it added just the right touch. Mr. Bob also came over and is partaking in the grilling and eating. On the menu? Ribs, baked beans, asparagus, potato salad and garlic bread. Not to mention the "appetizer" of raw oysters Mr. Bob picked up from Hilltop. A meal like that will turn you into two things....
1) crazy lazy lady
2) one fat cat

I hope you had a wonderful day out in the sun like the crew here did. We are one step closer to having the lot cleared and the pier built! Which means very soon, on days like today, we will probably choose to relax on the water rather than work! :) As for Ziggy, she isn't waiting on a sole - she put on several differnt (all very intense) performances today showing just how excited she really gets when she is down playing in the lake!

I'm about to start my..........

you can stop at any point now.
keeps growing.
this might forever be saved as a draft because I can't quit adding things.



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