Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Experiment of Life.

In the past I always questioned myself. I've been such a curious little creature my entire life, I do believe. As a young squirt I was the one that was frequently told "that's a stupid question" because I would ask so many. Often, I found myself searching for the key ingredient to a path that pushed me in the "right direction" as to where I wanted to start my journey. Little did I know that while I was doing all the searching my journey had already started. When I was making moves (around the world, basically) I still had this "knot" in my tummy that it wasn't exactly how I wanted my "journey to begin". Instead of coming to the realization that it had already started....
I searched deeper.
I continued looking for a start.
I continued looking for a sign.
I continued looking for the right direction.
I continued with the million questions.

And FINALLY.... At the beginning of this year (gah, it's about to be April!)  I had a rather large wake-up call. The ringtone alarmed my enough to realize these things about myself:

My journey started on December 19, 1985 when I took my first breath. That very day I made my parents fall in love in a way that they had never felt. (I know so!) My Mama and Daddy proudly brought a handful (yes I'm a HANDFUL and no, I'm not talking about size) of 7lbs and 8oz. into this world to do an experiment with the crazy little thing called life. They have given me the gift of love.... and I mean love... to carry with me in my suitcase along the entire journey. Without that love I would not have made it this far. Without their support, the experiment would have gone bad. It might have even exploded in my face and I promise you, I've always been a huge risk-taker so it's highly possible that my safety goggles would not have been on. If I had to guess, my goggles would have been somewhere lost in my messy car. Looking back on the good, the bad, and the pretty darn ugly I can say with ease:
I know who I am.
I am tough as nails.
Things don't always happen as soon as you crave it but if you want something bad enough, the time will come.
I know what I want the outcome of the experiment to be. 
I will never settle until I get exactly what I want in everything I do.
Life gets better every year.
If I wake up with intentions on greeting my day with arms wide open then it's going to be beautiful.
Allow lyrics to take your soul for a ride.
Facing every day I am given as a celebration is the good life.
You've gotta' have faith.
Take wild and extreme chances, if you please.
Love unconditionally. Tomorrow is never promised. 
Never let the happy memories you have made along the way be forgotten.




  1. have always been a handful (but a joyful, handful) The journey has been a learning one for us all but ALWAYS with unconditional love. You have also taught us so much and we are so thankful for that. The happy memories which you have filled our life with will be treasured forever! Love you and your creative self!