Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fine wine

Dear World Market,

You have my money when it comes time to purchase wine. I get in Reba, drive all the way to Montgomery, and fill up at least one carrier with your wines. On a normal day, my brian fights back and forth with decisions and I stay entirely too long in the wine section. (not to mention every other item in the world market inventory that grabs me in) That would be the reason I don't fill up several carriers... the store would open and close before I made up my mind on the 2nd round of six. It is now time to come visit again because we have only one bottle left from the last visit! That wine is called "dog house" and we are trying to save it for a certain time that we feel is appropriate. Isn't it perfect timing that I am going to Montgomery already on Friday? Indeed. Especially since the Mama is going with me to Monkey Town! She might not admit it herself but I'll gladly tell the world... her and dad drive to Montgomery for special World Market wine trips! Before you judge all the winos mentioned in this post.... please don't! Because we have wino Christmas trees! So, that makes it perfectly a-okay.

See you Friday World Market.

(your favorite wine customer)

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