Sunday, February 20, 2011

my lack of camera use lately has been slim. okay, it hasn't really existed. unfortunately MY camera got dropped. and broke. (sigh) at a wedding this fall. well, it was replaced with a refurbished don't ever make that stupid move camera that has never done it's job. sad i know.... because the ones who know me know how i had a mad love for my camera. still do have a mad love for my camera. just not the refurbished one. why? because the darn thing doesn't work. and never really did. therefor i don't really consider myself a camera owner right now other than my handy dandy crackberry one...which is lame. i haven't been without a camera since way back in the day. so this is a somewhat touchy subject. i tend to get a little emotional about it. point being - you will have to use your imagination as to how my weekend in biloxi went as i was without a camera.... i have many words to say but those words just won't compete with what pictures could have captured. i hope your weekend found room for fun like mine did.... and i hope your week is full of love (and prayers). i hope you are able to understand something that you thought you never would understand and find peace with something you never felt was possible.

here's to a good week, my friends!



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