Friday, February 4, 2011

Mr. Officer

So me and the sister may or may not have called 911 bright and early this morning. {for the record it was still dark outside} BUT Listen.... this crazy car followed us from the early morning coffee run... played a duck duck goose like chase in our parents neighborhood where we fake pulled in and drove around. {oh-with zero miles to empty so we sure weren't going far} STOP... listen.... We were forced to pass this mystery car on a road in the neighborhood and as we did he opened and closed his door very quickly. NUTS! You are seriously dealing with two extremely scardy cats. Extremely. Well, the cops were right on in. The two cops pulled into my parents driveway (the address I gave the lady who answered the emergency call) and we jump out (all shook up) and run in the direction of the men in uniforms. In a smirky little voice copper cop number one says "are yall chasing our paper boy around?"  GOOD MORNING TROY ALABAMA!!!! Thank you TPD for totally understanding. And....being so quick to the rescue and not locking us up!


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  1. Okay. That COMPLETELY and TOTALLY made my day. wow. Love it!