Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what's (coming) up?

Well, lets see.... 
there's lots coming up for me. 

i have a guitar lesson wednesday night. wish me luck. and send me patience. 
i have a haircut to give this week.
{mcm} has lots of orders to fill. hooray-for this is a good thing.
 i have a graphic design challenge sent my way (tonight) that i am extremely excited about.
i am continuing my work as the outreach art director for the childrens rehab and starting back this month with the schedule.
i have a biloxi trip planned.
there are two willow house parties booked in the next couple weeks.
as of last night i have a horse riding adventure in store.
this is the month to meet jack. yaaaaaaaaaay! need i say more. (!!!!!!!!!!!)
and last but CERTAINLY not least.....

so duh.... i have a pooch party to plan.
oh yea! this is going to be a slam.jam.packed.wa-bam month.

hold on to your pigtails.
i am ready to soar, party people.


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