Monday, February 28, 2011

for the record

  • music keeps me sane.
  • i owe my parents a whole bunch for they are way too good to me.
  • letting time slip away in a thrift store while plundering for something rando that catches my eye puts me in a happy place.
  • in this life i want to have drinks (somewhere semi secluded) with mary kate and ashley and my next life i want to be chelsea handler.
  • it is the norm for me to obsess over my pooch, ziggy. (on a very regular basis)
  • i get sidetrack. and struggle getting back on. but totally accept that.
  • i am attracted to kind hearts. and thoughtful acts.
  • i am a sucker for hand written letters. both giving and receiving.
  • i miss my mama b on a daily basis.
  • i secretly wish i would not have ever given up my tanning bed fake bake days.
  • my God, is an awesome God.
  • i have a love for decorating. always have.
  • i hope to continue my green thumb wanna be club throughout this spring and summer.
  • oh, how i do love the south.

1 comment:

  1. *I miss Mama B, too.
    *I also love handwritten notes. :-)
    *You can have a "green thumb"
    *You have a kind heart!
    *Your God is an AWESOME God!
    *You have a "knack" for decorating!
    *I wonder where you get your love for music??
    ***You are LOVED by your parents VERY much!