Monday, February 21, 2011

my friday.

I saw Sara Evans in concert on Friday night and she was precious. I believe she thinks her booty is her best feature, though. Because she spent much of the show with it facing the crowd. As if the guys needed something else other than the fact that we were sitting right by the bar, it kept them happy I am sure. ha! There were, of course, many "roll tide" shout outs sent her way throughout the concert. (hints, because of her husband) I was caught by surprise at the amount of songs I knew seeing how I don't listen to the radio (well, rarely) and am usually listening to cd's which are mainly full of tunes that don't play on the radio at all.... At least, not on any of the boring stations Troy picks up. But I thoroughly enjoyed the night. She was cute.... and country. And I think I like country maybe just a little. Not to mention the company was a plus.

Now.....I need those vintage red cowgirl boots that I keep talking about, hello.
That's just a few little details from my Friday night, friends. How was YOUR weekend?


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