Saturday, April 30, 2011

with only the brightest colors on, today is faced fearlessly and on a mission. there is just such a comforting vibe about tackling your day in such way as that to ever turn it down. surrounding myself with positivity in all ways possible, i am certain that this saturday has no choice but to be spectacular. thank you GOD for allowing me to see another day. my green eyes are in awe at all the "little things" that make such "big things" impact my life. i am beyond blessed. unafraid to admit that falling short of showing just how appreciative i am does indeed happen. i have a countless number of blessings.... my family, friends, fur child (did i mention ziggy is perfect? and by perfect i mean A+ perfect!) The list is never ending. Each day that I am given I discover a whole new picture and a brand new song. The paintings are not always perfect but somewhere withing I find beauty. the songs don't necessarily fit my "music mood" that i wake up with but at some point before my day is done i have ripped apart the lyrics and related them to what fits like a completed puzzle to me in some way, somehow. for today, lets wipe off the dust on the chalkboard from last weeks lesson, whatever it may have been, and scribble down something new using the way of art that makes you the happiest. something that feels good. something that just tickles your fancy. and for the lipstick color, i'm going with red. but that's just me.... it's just me simply adding a splash of color to my day, a shade of red to my painting and a full days worth of repeat on one particular song that may or may not support that decision i made to wear red on the lips of mine.


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