Friday, April 1, 2011

As most of you know....
Heaven recently welcomed one of my sorority sisters and her son.
If not, you can read where I talked about it here.

Brittany and Shep.

With a huge amount of help from my sister and several signs sent from above I have finally decided what "something special" it was I wanted to do with the bible cover Marley and I made for Brittany. (the "something special" was talked about here.)

In memory of Brittany and Shep we have created two new lines.
"Sunshine Above" and "Heavens Little Dove"
What better way to honor their lives than as a cover on the book of God's word....what Brittany lived by daily and what we are clinging so tightly to now. 50% of proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to Project Play of First Baptist Church of Troy. (click here for more information on Project Play)

Brooke (Britt's Sister) posts notes on Brittany's facebook page.
She asked for Brittany to send her signs to help her make it through each day.
In such an incredible way, Brittany is definitely doing her job (above and beyond) sending signs to those who are praying for them.

A sign I recieved:
Several days ago I emailed Brooke some fabrics (lots of yellow, of course) for them to pick out what they thought the perfect fabric was to use for the bible covers. My sister and I anxiously awaited to hear their decision. We were both sharing a whirlwind of emotions.  A short time later we received a text from Brooke that read "Mallory---after sitting down with everyone we think that the fabric Britt picked out for Rachel's cover is perfect. She picked it out, it has yellow, and her fave flower (daisy) is on it..... what do you think?" Marley and I both felt a huge rush of excitement and satisfaction that their choice was "the one". It was almost like a relief. Not that we were doubting the fabric they were going to choose because that was not it at all. I think it was more a relief that it felt so right. Marley and I prayed for a fabric that was perfect and that was exactly what they chose. Jumping back several months.... Brittany placed an order with {mcm} and she told us that she trusted our taste and wanted us to just pick out the fabric for her. Confession: when someone tells us they trust our taste to pick out what we like....Well.... we get excited! When Brittany told us that, we took it to another level. She had great taste in everything....we took it as a compliment that she trusted our taste. Marley and I love the challenge of searching. Following that very order Brittany placed was a trip to the fabric store where we started the search. A search for the perfect fabric with Brittany's name all over it. Marley and I had to keep reminding each other that we had been walking the isles of the fabric store for a good two hours with no decision made AND that picking out Brittany's fabric was not the only to-do on our list. Did I mention that the "we will be closing in fifteen minutes" warning was made and we were still empty handed? We somehow threw together successful decisions in those last fifteen minutes. Looking back, that search replays so strongly in my head. That night Marley and I both agreed that Brittany was our favorite to buy fabric for. I didn't think much about that thought after the order was completed and delivered. (and for the record, loved) It was almost like Britt was given an unwritten title that night, "Our favorite to buy fabric for". Another order was placed by Brittany the week before she moved to her new home in Heaven. That search was yet another extremely fun one for my sister and I. Last night I found myself walking back down the same isle but in search for something completely different. I was searching for strength and comfort. The thought of walking so fast pace through a fabric store, skipping over all these bright colored fabrics when my mission was to make a fabric purchase for Brittany just seemed so unreal. How was I supposed to stick with my plan of buying all they had in stock of that one fabric? It seemed impossible to shop for Brittany and not go back and forth for at least an hour trying to make a final decision. I was searching for something completely different this time. This search was definitely not one I  ever thought I would be doing. Directly across from one another, face to face and sharing the same isle it was like a spot light was put on Brittany's fabric on the right and plenty of John Deere fabric on the left.

 This was a sign...sending an unexpected search my way. Her fabric was already picked out.... but let the search begin on picking out the perfect fabric for her little John Deere. Also, a search for two completely different names to call the two bible covers we are making in their memory. A decision was finally made (or so we thought) on what we were going to call the bible covers. Brittany was quick to remind me that her precious Shep deserved his own design, too. This lead to another search, one for the perfect names of each design not just the one design.  My sister and I came up with "Sunshine Above" and "Heavens Little Dove"..... We are excited about the new search sent down to us as well as sharing the already confirmed fabric for "sunshine above". The very first bible cover  made was for Shep's babysitter, someone who was a special part in both Brittany and Shep's life.

I know that Brittany is smiling from above thinking about all the kids that will be playing hard when project play is complete!


  1. Awesome Mallory, I will help get orders from Prattville if that is ok! What a wonderful way to Honor Her!

  2. I love it. You girls are so special and to do this wonderful thing to honor Brittney & Shep is just another example of how thoughtful ya'll are. I want one for me but I need to measure my Bible first.

  3. Mallory - I want one! I will message you my Bible measurements!

  4. Thanks so much ladies! Send me the measurements and we will add it to the list! We are so excited!