Sunday, April 17, 2011

i have decided to start this week off with a little something new.
i am giving myself thirty minutes (no more, no less) to be in a frustrated mood. thirty minutes to stress. thirty minutes to let all my aggravations play a part of my life. after those thirty minutes are up, the rest of the day is spent being positive. the remainder of my day is all about happiness and appreciation to be alive and here on this earth. besides, there is so much i have to be blessed for.... why would anyone want to spend more of the time they are given moping about all the bad when they are surrounded with good? think about it.... take thirty minutes, get all the grumpy-ness out of the way and be done. go on about your day wearing a smile.... a good hair day if you please..... a new shade of lipstick....

wearing extremely comfortable heels....
so what if the sole isn't red, you can always pretend.


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