Thursday, December 23, 2010

lets play the pretend game.
oh hey, it is only december 21st.
and i would love for you all to help me blow out one big candle for a first birthday.

mal mag, my dear.... you were born a year ago.
oh how sweet. and crazy. thanks for being such a therapeutic outlet for me.
and to the followers (and anonymous readers) thanks guys.
i enjoy writing. about this and that. big deal or small to-do. it makes me happy. and to know that mal mag has stalkers is loads of fun. so, thanks. again and again.... thanks.
now is the time to throw loads of confetti for the celebration of this sweet first birthday.


p.s. thanks for pretending. i didn't forget the big birthday. i have just been sick. so that called for a belated celebration. now back to your best behavior because yes indeed, santa will be here in a short amount of time..... with a sack full of goodies.... or switches?!

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