Sunday, December 26, 2010

a whole bunch of randoms: (ready set go)
  • my pandora is set on the avett brothers station and at the end of the last song played they laughed real hard for a good 44 seconds and it was a laugh that cracked me up. (so i laughed along) a good laugh. one that i am sure made their abs tight after it was all over. good stuff. now i am left wondering what all the giggles were about. oh, to be in the know.
  • my family has wonderful friends that we consider family in every way possible that live in michigan and they came to visit tonight. i will smother you with pictures of the most adorable three kids very soon, i promise. the whole family is adorable. they are just awesome people. more later, promise.
  • i am about to clean my room. it is a madhouse. send love and luck this way. i think i am even a little scared how carried away i could get though. 
  • the feeling i have about recently turning twenty five is a good thing. i feel like this year holds an incredible amount of growing. i also think the new roads i am going to curiously walk down are going to be paths lined with happiness. 
  • santa was so good to me. now i just need help organizing my life in a few areas. to those who know me- that does not include my car, reba, quite yet. she is going to rehab for hoarding and when she returns (all clean and free of everything under the sun) she will join the crazy train in staying organized. one thing at a time, people
  • i love ani difranco.
  • another family christmas at my parents house tomorrow. diet starts following that.


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