Monday, December 6, 2010

hello, all.
i hope your monday is treating you kindly.
i also hope you are staying warm.
it is ridiculously cold here for bammy. 
at least my body tells me so.

between my willow house and the "new" little hobby... i have been a busy body. (that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh i like it i like it)
not to mention that my "blog brain" has been fried. i know, it's never stopped me from posting about sweet little nothings before but for some reason lately my fingers refused to type here. so i didn't force anything on them considering they are always so good to me. they braid my hair, tie my shoes and it never fails - send texts out to my long list of important people. so i have respected the trusty fingers request and gave them a [well deserved] break. 

but they are back.
and ready to tell you about something. 
here goes....
me + the sister + the godsister have some things new taking place in our  
scatter brained world.
my (marley)
crazy (chelsea)
mess (mallory -psst thats me)

it would tickle our fancy if you would check out the crazy mess we make time and time again.

we promise to have a much more put together looking result.... it's just so much easier [and fun] making the mess getting there....

you can find us here. and here.
my crazy mess loves company.... so pay us a visit.
 dont be shy.

here's to a happy week! cheers.


oh pee. ess. - i promise to show much more love to mal mag from here on out. its my birthday month and malmag also has a big [exciting] birthday this month. she will be turning one. im coming up with fun ways to celebrate. that is a promise. oh and i cant forget the sister- she will be celebrating the big twenty one. can we say excitement overload? i think so.

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