Friday, March 9, 2012

adjusting my "tude" with a tune.

i am pretty much certain that my wrist has a hand that has one finger that has a knuckle that has a broken bone. i didn't feel like being tough last night. why? umm hello because it hurt like you know what when the faithful middle finger smashed like a pancake at a fast impact in between a vanity and a chest. i said an ugly word. (maybe twice) stomped my boots harder than i've ever even considered stomping them. and i may or may not have screamed. like a wimp. a deserving wimp, that is.

as for today.... the finger is no longer swollen but the "reason to bitch" is still there sitting to the left of mr pain in the arse. it hurts. terribly. but because it is friday ( and only because it is friday ) will i choose to try extra hard to step up to the plate and act tough. still keeping inside the boundaries of being a lady like kind of tough opposed to a grrrrrr you are way to intense to be a girl kind of tough.

you know, that decision was made when i had a home made pickle for breakfast....
 put on my red lipstick.....
 and walked out the door with my most worn in cowgirl boots i own.

oh, and here is a jam. for the good people. on a good day.


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