Friday, March 16, 2012

irish blessing.

"may the sun shine all day long. everything go right and nothing wrong. may those you love bring love back to you and may all the wishes you wish come true."
this is for certain (because the leprechaun told me so): 
there will be lots of green sprinkled throughout the confetti crate tomorrow. if you make a purchase... be prepared to walk away feeling like a winner with a fancy little St. Patty's Day treat. 

 there will be music. (live.)
 because holidays are meant to be fun. and festive.

i'll be darn if i waste away MY st. patty's day on the couch. 
so come see me. shop. browse. shop. listen to music. shop. drool over all the awesome stuff in the confetti crate. and enjoy the day.... and just maybe... if you insist.... you can get your face painted, too!

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