Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A reminder of how much I am like my Daddy.... 

I stayed at work after I closed tonight to work on a few furniture pieces and a couple custom orders. It was entirely too late when I finally finished up so I just took the short drive to my bed at the parents opposed to the longer ride home to the bungalow. I walk in to find my Daddy (still awake close to midnight) watching a  concert of Ray Wylie Hubbard.... I may not have the cutest dimples in the world (like my Daddy does) but it is no question where my love for music comes from. Of course, his knowledge about music (and musicians) still blows my tiny little mind. Sitting with my Dad as he laughs his way into midnight at the concert he was watching was pretty much the best bedtime story ever. (The things Ray Wylie Hubbard were saying were pretty darn funny....so Daddy wasn't the only one laughing.)

Ahhh, for the love of music and a super cool dad.


PS- there's a harmonica involved.
like i said.... best bedtime "story" ever.

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