Monday, March 12, 2012

scenes from "the confetti crate" make-over:

 gah.... the power of pictures... and looking back. 
these pictures were taken on one of the many nights that i was (secretly) on google searching for a chuy to take over. EVERYTHING! I was seriously considering hiring help. 

i can smell that exact moment right now.  and the pain i held in the palm of my hands slightly comes back just thinking about that project..... and crowes chicken is the last thing i want to eat for lunch... 

but good gracious.... it was ALLLLLL worth it!! 

i will have to share more pictures on the "before" one day.... but for now- i will leave you with these and the thoughts on me being so powerful that i was holding up that monster size cooler.... For the "after" pictures.... I would love to show you in person. 

So...... come shop and see for yourself! :)

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