Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ready or not.

thursday is the day!!

the confetti crate will be open
on march first at 10:00!!

and.... i think you guys should come check it out! 

oh, and "like" the confetti crate on facebook if you haven't already.
please (maam+sir) and thank you (very much).  

because honestly.....
it would be just plain silly for you to miss out on all of the excitement to come. 

for years i have said i would own a store one day. 
welp, hello one day. 

nice to meet you. :)

very nice, in fact. 
i am so glad we have crossed paths. 

i have not a clue where this journey may go.
and that's a-okay with me. 


i believe in taking chances.
i believe in following my heart.
i believe that dreams do come true.
i believe in doing what i love.
i believe in myself. (most days, anyway)
i believe that, with God in control, all is possible.
i believe in all of the artists who are a part of the confetti crate.

i believe in happiness. and i believe in love.

and doing what i love....
makes me happy.


p.s. - we are planning lots of awesome events at the confetti crate....
several art classes to be announced soon.....
oh, and a little birdie told me that the Easter bunny may be hanging out with our crew one day soon! Pictures with the Easter bunny? I THINK SO!
And for the record.... you are never too old for the Easter bunny.

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