Tuesday, February 7, 2012

red hot mama.

i love the color red.
(especially) on my lips.
on my nails.
red cowgirl boots.
as a late night highlight (temporary-thank goodness) in my hair. blaming that on the margs.

but seriously...
i need some red tights something fierce. 
like..... i will probably venture out tomorrow and find me some.
and the decision has already been made to get more than one pair.
sort of because i am a professional when it comes to ripping those jokers.

and if by chance you see me around wearing red tights day after day....
don't judge.
be jealous that you are not as festive as me.
because i will probably pretend it's for the support of valentines day or something.
and if i'm still rocking repetitively in march.... we will go from there.


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