Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At this point....
There is no reason for me to marinate myself in the negative of how I am feeling about my procrastinating ways. I have a haircolor project that is due in the morning. Well, two of the four sections are due anyway.

This is the "finale for negative" from me on the project still not being finished at midnight:

My stress is driving me to grey hair.

OH SILLY, you know I have a positive or three to add to this....

This project is all about haircoloring. I should be able to fix that grey if it happens.

I suckered Victoria into coming over to visit me and lend a helping hand with this project.

SCORE! I haven't seen her way too long so that was of course, a plus!

I'm doing all this last minute madness upstairs so if I lean towards insanity I glance up at the

huge "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" sign and instantly smile.

I would say goodnight but I have this strange feeling that I might be back to this "magazine" of mine to take a few more breaks in between grey swatch, white swatch, medium swatch and so on....

Wish me Luck, Duck!



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