Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bye-Bye Bama Flurries.


It's all melting today! But I do have some pictures to share! We all enjoyed it while it lasted. I am thankful Ziggy and I didn't get smacked by the humongous limbs that were splitting off the trees surrounding us! David was at work while I called him with the slightly over exaggerated story of "trees are falling, trees are falling"!! It was limbs big enough to be trees though, so I have right to reserve the reason to spice that story up a tiny bit! Also, I'm sad to say that the snow in Bammy never made me think "fresh powder mannnnn, let's go shred the gnar... so epic bro" So, I guess I will have to take a trip back to Breck for all that jazzy jaz. I'm not scared. I even have a hot little girl that will be more than willing to pick me up from the Denver airport...with a pretty rad poster in hands too might I add! I have faith in my lovely TQ!

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