Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day! Let's Play!

The high for today is 34 and we are holding steady at 32 right now in Gantt, Alabama. Go ahead, assume the time is telling you lies because I'm up and at em' with nothing mandatory to do today... Well, it's not! It is 9:45 and I've been awake SEVERAL hours. Give credit when credit is due. Thank-you, thank-you very much! I have to say, it's not too shabby for Alabammy! The local tv channel in Andalusia is one of the things cracking me up right now.... Ziggy is the other! Channel 14 says "If you are not experienced in driving in the snow, stay off the road because it will save you a hell alot of money!" On the other hand was Ziggy, remember? Well, she can't decide if she likes the snow. This morning I was a bit scared that she was going to have no interest. She got all nervous. Don't ask me how I know she was, just TRUST me on that one! But as of right now she keeps prancing around outside in it (showing that she is a true girl because I mean PRANCIN') and coming to me like the sweetest little child showing her mother (who is a very well fit mother might I add) the snow on her nose. Talk about adorable. Ummmm, yea. I'd say so! Okay I'm going to step back out into that white confetti party! I mean, who turns down beautiful white confetti falling from the SKY! Not this girl. Yet, I'm sure I'll have more bloggity blog action later this afternoon! It IS nice to have so much day ahead of you rather than wasting it because you accidentally hit snooze the max amount of times before your alarm just quits going off in spite of your non-intended lazyness.

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