Monday, February 1, 2010


Wah-BAM.... I just had the PERFECT lunch. My Memo snuck over to Troy this weekend while I was away in south Florida and cooked me up some of her homemade potato soup. Ahhhh, the yummy in my tummy it causes! In fact, I might have another bowl for supper. Who knows?!

Ummm, can I get an awful groan sound from someone for this weather here today. The sun is shining, nice. But reminder I was just totally teased with West Palm Beach weather for a good few short days. We be-bopped over to Boca, Florida yesterday before heading back to Bammy (yes, I realize I put an extra couple hours on our trip) to have an afternoon adult beverage at Crabby Jack's ... me that is, not my cutie driver.... with an old roomie of mine from Colorado. It was tempting to forget about the "responsibilities" we are facing today and just scoot on over a tee bit more to Miami. I'd make a sister mad if I entered Dash before she had the chance. The bowl game played yesterday in Miami (and traffic that comes along with that) kept us from falling into that temptation. David and I have great success with road trips so far. Trina (that would be the black hoe David rides) added a good 1600 miles, give or take, to her life and in my opinion handled it nicely. I got nominated as the best co-pilot in the world. So, next is deciding what to wear to that award ceremony.

I'd like to fill out my opinion survey on the weekend, please....

1) If you could change one thing about your recent stay what would it be?
Extend it a few more days! If you are willing to work with me and allow me a couple weeks there that is perfectly fine, too.
2) How was the weather?
If I said the first thing that came to my mind it might be rated "r".... So, let's just say the weather was there wish you were beautiful.
3) What is one thing you would like to tell the locals?
Tough life guys... wearing summer-ish dresses (or for the dude's shorts and flops) at the end of January.... tough stuff. Pah-leez!!!!
4) Did you turn into a nija turtle at any point in the trip?
Indeed. The purple one!! How did you know??!!

Got to run... a zillion things to be accomplished in the next hour! But get ready to be spoiled with several more blogs and lots of shameless pictures of a beautiful mess lifestyle.



  1. You have such a way with words, Sissy Pants! (not Ninja pants, please)

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  3. And David...did your vehicle have a name before it met Mallory? You do know that she names EVERYTHING?