Monday, February 1, 2010

At the very last minute....

( 01-23-2010 )
saenger theatre- mobile, al
.....If I do say so myself, it was magical. Captured my shoes and took them off my feet for a few beats.

David and I took off in the Mobile direction to a Gov't Mule concert. Very wise decision that was. Would you like to see a small portion of why I think it was such a great idea that we followed through with this last minute trip.....

set one: bad little doggie, steppin lightly> any open window, rocking horse, dont step on the grass sam, trane> eternity's breath>st. stephen (jam), frozen fear, the letter, soulshine.

set two: brighter days> like flies, fixin' to die, spoonful> duan to matt handoff>drums>drums and key jam> broke down on the brazos, mule>i've been workin'>mule, E: Almost cut my hair, Pearly Queen

Annnnnd this was with Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret. & Duane Trucks, and Alvin Youngblood Hart.

Meet the concert crazies after the spectacular show....

And..."dont step on the grass sam" was one of the times where my boots refused to stay on my feet....

When we returned back to reality we had a day full of laziness at it's best!

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