Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mmmm....Dreamy Creamy.

Tomorrow is supper club numero dos! It's our turn to host. I once found this cutie-pie at a chinese buffet and he can cook. (Yea, don't worry.... I kept him! And he's American not a chinaman) So, as far as our meal, he's in charge. Kabob's are the grub that is planned and let me tell you, I am excited. The thought of the pineapple grilled is dreamy creamy. Youtube "old greg" if you need a good video with the reason behind "dreamy creamy" being my choice of words describing what I know the meal is going to be.

Tonight was the original night for supper club but Krista took off towards Crestview to Bamboos. David and I would have definitely joined them if we didn't have to ironically go to Crestview LAST night for a surprise birthday party. Mexican was the grub, and yes it was dreamy-creamy. Just so you know.... La Rumba. Gah, give or take a letter. I think that is correct though.

I think you need to listen to this song! (another FYI for the stalkers)

Ani Difranco- If He Tries Anything

"I'm invincible so are you.. we do all the things they say we can't do.. we walk around in the middle of the night and if it's too far to walk we just hitch a ride"

If I knew what day it was I would give that day of the week a specific shout-out. But, I don't have a clue. So, I will instead give you a big fat toodles.

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